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Welcome to CrossFit XLR8

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program like no other.  We row, we run, we do pushups, pull-ups, Olympic weight lifts, and gymnastics all in scalable ways for any age and any fitness level.  This is all done in a supportive group environment where results are endless.  If you want a program that challenges you both physically and mentally, gets you in the best shape of your life, and doesn’t take hours….CrossFit is for you!

CrossFit Kids

Crossfit Kids will hold a one week camp in June and July for Kids (ages 6-11) and Teens  (ages 12-16). June Camp will be June 3 – June 7.  July Camp will be held July 22- July 26th.  Both weeks- times for kids will be from 11:00-11:45 Monday-Friday.  Teens will be from 1:00-2:00 Monday – Friday.  For more information please visit our programs page under CrossFit Kids.



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What others are SAYING

My testimonial…..I LOVE CROSSFIT!!! I get so upset if something comes up in my schedule and I can’t workout. If you had told me three years ago that I would be saying that I would have told you that you were CRAZY!! I have never worked out in my life, and now I can do pull ups and lift all kind of crazy weight. I heard my Dad bragging to a family member that I could deadlift 205 pounds, lol. Anyway, if it weren’t for Molly Felts Gillespie I would not have known about CrossFit. She got me going over in Corpus before she opened her gym. She would text me and say I saw your time on the board you did Awesome!! She does know how that inspired me, but it did, I felt so honored that she thought my time was good, cuz she was so amazing at CrossFit! When Molly opened her gym here I couldn’t believe the amazing group of people that started coming to class. I feel like I have made so many wonderful friends that would do anything for each other. I love the way when something needs to get done everyone comes together and works. All of the coaches are so awesome and inspire me everyday!! Thanks to Zeph Littleton, and Greg West for literally kicking my ass everyday, lol!! I agree with Betty Haynes Smith, I am in the best shape of my entire life, and I love it!!
Holli West – 43 Year Old High School Counselor, Wife & Mother of 2 girls
What CrossFit has done for me….Molly Gillespie, owner and coach of CrossFit XLR8… First and foremost, CrossFit is what saved my husband and my children from losing their father. I can tell you that CrossFit has made me a stronger, healthier and more successful individual, but all those things added up don’t come close to what this year has proved to me that I will never forget what CrossFit has done for me and my family. My husband was given a stage 4 diagnosis of Cancer in Feb. Being in tip top condition due to CrossFit, he was able to live thru the very aggressive chemo and radiation treatments that have cured his deadly disease. He is back in the gym today, back to his weight, after losing 50 lbs, and kicking ass. He is stronger than before and I award him the first “effort” award in our contest. I don’t think there’s anyone that would disagree with that. CrossFit can do so many things and bring so many people together. I have been so blessed with all the people of CrossFit XLR8 as my family, love you all!!!
Molly Gillespie – Medical Dosimetrist, CrossFit Coach
My testimonial….after a significant back injury in 2003 ago during fire department call, I never thought my back would be the same. I was already working out when I stumbled across CrossFit XLR8 in 2009 and thought I was in good shape. Like everyone else can probably attest to after their first workout, I got my butt handed to me in that first WOD and was hooked ever since! The first 6 months were very tough fighting through lower back pain/ spasms, but over time I got stronger and the pain I was having resolved. CrossFit has helped me perform my job as a firefighter and now as a flight paramedic better than I could have ever before. It has allowed me to work harder and for longer periods of time in conditions that usually wipe people out in 5-10 minutes. I am able to cope with the mental and physical tolls of flight medicine much better than I was ever able to. I never would have believed that CrossFit is a lifestyle that you live on a daily basis, but it really is. The people I have met, worked out with, and coached have really become our family to me and my wife. Thank you so much to Molly for asking me to be a coach and allowing me to help others reach their potential, it’s truly an honor to be there. I love being up at the gym even when it’s just to stop by and say hi to whomever is there working out. Zeph and Greg have brought more out of me mentally and physically than I ever thought possible. I’m not naturally athletic so I have to work extra hard to do what others find relatively easy; thanks to them I can do things I never thought possible. I love getting my butt kicked by them on a daily basis! The people we have at XLR8 are so phenomenal and I try to be around there as much as possible because it’s such a positive place to be around; I just plain love the whole thing….
Ryan Kelley – 35 year old Flight Paramedic at Halo Flight, CrossFit Coach, Husband & Father
CrossFit has made me mentally stronger. Every coach and friend that I have made has given me confidence to lift heavier weights, push me through workouts when I just wanted to stop, and laugh at my own mistakes. As a result I have become more confident, less scared at taking chances, and headstrong in my life. I credit this box for helping me achieve my ultimate goal of becoming a flight nurse. CrossFit isn’t just about working out it’s a way of life for me.
Cathy Kelley – 33 Year Old Flight Nurse at Halo Flight, Wife & Mother

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