CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1) Trainer

Level 1 USA Weightlifting Certified Sports Performance Coach

Prior to November 2009, I was your typical out of shape man with a back condition called “spondylothesis”. My doctors had said that I was too young for surgery and would have to be on pain meds to get through the next few years of my life. And then as I got older I would have to have surgery.My cross fitting wife, Molly, had been telling me that crossfit would strengthen my core and would put the back issues to rest. I told her when she brought it to Portland I would join. Well, she did and I started in November 2009 and it was a life changing experience. I watched the extra weight drop off, my strength improve and conditioning got to a level that it had never been before, even in high school. “The back thing” was and still is not an issue anymore.In February 2011, 13 months of crossfit had passed and I was doing great. In crossfit that is. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 tongue cancer. No, I didn’t smoke or dip. 3, 2, 1 go… 35 radiation treatment and 3 Rounds of Chemotherapy. Yes it was the toughest WOD yet to face. I can honestly say that crossfit saved my life, not only being in great shape, but because of how it shows you how tough you can actually be. All of the support of my CrossFit family brought me through to a “cancer free” diagnosis today.I started cross fitting again in September 2011, 54 pounds lighter. It was like starting over but was determined to get back to where I left off.

With the support of all the coaches and the members I am back stronger and faster than before. In May 2012 I received my level 1 Crossfit certification and am no longer a coach by default.

I just love being a part of our crossfitxlr8 family. I can’t imagine my life without it.



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