Becky Peterson’s story…

I received this email from Becky Peterson today and I begged her to let me share, and she agreed. This is a true testimony of what you can do if you are willing to work and have a positive attitude. The picture speaks for itself, my jaw dropped, and she is even 3 years older in the “after” picture. Please share this with your moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas…CrossFit is for every age. We are so proud of you Becky!

From Becky:

You once asked if I had a before picture. I found this very embarrassing picture that was taken a few months before I started crossfit. I was trying on my suit and my husband commented that I was really looking good so I decided to take a photo to compare. I was surprised and pleased..I wanted to share. Thank you for giving me the encouragement that someone at my age could still participate. Even at 63 I think I might have the courage to wear this suit out in public! This just makes me want to work that much harder!