Burger Recipes!

Who doesn’t just love a good burger?? Well I’ve been craving a big fat juicy hamburger lately, and made some last night that turned out awesome! I guess Monique and I were on the same wavelegnth, because she emailed me a burger recipe that she made as well that she says was delicious!

For anyone else craving a burger, here’s a couple of recipes for you to try out:

Courtesy of Monique’s Kitchen

I just made Fiesta Turkey Burgers ala George Foreman, and they came out awesome. 

 I just made some pico with tomato and onion cilantro and jalepeno peppers, then mixed it with a package of lean ground turkey, two eggs and a generous helping of Mrs Dash  “Fiesta Lime” Seasonings. 

Mushed it all together and made it into patties and cooked them on the george foreman grill. 

The good thing about the GF grill is that it drains so all that extra liquid pours off and the patties brown really nice too.  I am thinking of all kinds of variations on this now!

Courtesy of Christie’s Kitchen

I mixed together the following ingredients:

1 lb Ground Meat (shoot for around 93%ish  lean)

1 green onion, finely minced

3 cloves garlic, finely minced

Onion powder (to taste – think I used about 1tsp)

Garlic Powder (to taste – think I used about 1tsp)

Cumin (to taste – think I used about 1tsp)

Black Pepper

2 Tb “Paleo Ketchup” (premade from earlier in the week)

3 Tb Coconut Flour (Almond Flour would probably work too – this is just a binder)

1 Omega 3 Egg

If you don’t have any “Paleo Ketchup” pre-made, you can leave that out.

If you don’t have any Coconut or Almond Flour, you could try using some finely grated carrot as a binder instead.

Then, I split the mixture into 4 equal parts, formed into balls, flattened into patties, and cooked up in a skillet on the stovetop.

I served them in “buns” made of lettuce (just wrapped a piece of iceburg lettuce around your burger) topped w/ some fresh sliced tomato, stone ground mustard, and Paleo Ketchup.