October Athlete Of The Month: Doug Moore
I joined XLR8 to change my life for a healthier lifestyle and knew the CrossFit route would be the best way to do so. Prior to XLR8, my health was rather stagnant and my eating habits were not the best. It’s funny what cutting all the junk food out of your life will do for › Read more
How I came to CrossFit was by need…. I am no stranger to working out, even while pregnant, and it has been constant in my life, and my kids, for as long as I have been a Mom. I was a stroller fitness instructor for 3 years, and taught classes through pregnancies #3 and #4. › Read more
Hi everyone! My name is Audra Chester and I attend the 8:00 AM class with the best hardworking athletes and best coaches ever!! I have been on cloud nine the past few weeks because I was chosen for athlete of the month. It was a bit shocking to me because my WODs are always modified. › Read more
My CrossFit Journey Chris Balfer Hi. My name is Chris Balfer. This is the story of my CrossFit journey. First, here is a little information about myself. I love to eat (no salads please), I enjoy movies, and can waste entire days watching television. I can’t sleep unless I have at least six pillows on my bed › Read more
My crossfit journey began 13 months ago. I was tipping the scale at 235 pounds and six weeks postpartum. The night before my initial visit to XLR8 I had my husband take before pictures of me. I can remember not wanting to look at the camera. I couldn’t wait for that photo session to be › Read more
My wife (Kelly) introduced me to crossfit and I must say I was skeptical to say the least. I wasn’t sure what to expect because I had been doing the same boring gym routine for a while. I quickly found out that I hadn’t even scratched the surface of my fitness! Going to the gym › Read more
How does it all begin??? It started with a very persistent friend/avid CrossFitter (shout out to Susan) who told be about XLR8, and I have to admit, I was curious and a little intimidated. But I needed to change my unhealthy lifestyle and I wanted a challenge, of which, after that first day I was › Read more
Where do I begin?! I am truly humbled to have been named Athlete of the Month. Never would I have imagined being where I am today. When I heard CrossFit XLR8 would be opening up a second location in Calallen, to say I was excited, would be an understatement. Finally, our little community would be › Read more
Everyone has their opinion on what Healthy means to them. 6 months ago, if you asked me how to get healthy, I would tell you to run. But the truth is, it’s more than that. I could diet, and lose weight, but looking back, was I healthy? Today, I could answer that with a simple › Read more
“I started CrossFit back in June with the intentions of getting stronger and better my training as an MMA fighter. Little did I know I would hang up my gloves to transition into a crossfitter for good. I have been blessed with amazing coaches that inspire, motivate and truly believe in me. They care to › Read more


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