Hey Mo, just reached my one year milestone and wanted to share with you the results. Thank You and ALL of the Staff. You guys have helped me down a path to fitness and I feel like the journey has just begun. XLR8 has been a blessing for both my family and myself. If there › Read more
I never in a million years thought I would ever touch, let alone pick up a barbell. Lifting weight was a totally foreign concept to me until I joined Crossfit. In fact a lot of the things we do at Crossfit I never imagined ever doing or even attempting. Crossfit has become such a big › Read more
I have always said that my name and the word “athlete” should never be used in the same sentence.  This is all thanks to my height and speed, or lack thereof. Therefore, to even be considered for the Athlete of the Month is very flattering.  I have exercised for many years and tried all the › Read more
I received this email from Becky Peterson today and I begged her to let me share, and she agreed. This is a true testimony of what you can do if you are willing to work and have a positive attitude. The picture speaks for itself, my jaw dropped, and she is even 3 years older › Read more
David’s story…. I cannot thank the people at XLR8 (coaches and members) enough for helping me to improve my life on such a drastic magnitude! At 42 years of age I would have never thought I would do half the things I have done over the past 7 months. I honestly feel like I have › Read more
First of all, and everyone says this, but it’s true–Behind every great athlete is a great COACH or in this case -COACHES. CrossFit XLR8 has the best coaches – very supportive, knowledgeable, and always FUN. A little over a year ago I suffered a severely ruptured disc in my cervical spine. My left arm was › Read more


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