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CrossFit XLR8 KIDS

The CrossFit Kids program uses the template of randomized, functional exercises, performed at high intensity. Adjustments are made to accommodate the specific needs and requirements of children and teens. Workouts consist of exercises containing elements drawn from the above enumerated physical skills, while special attention is paid to utilizing progressions for difficult or compound movements, and progressive loading dictated by size, age and consistancy in form.

Using the above template, CrossFit Kids often perform workouts with a time component, moving quickly from one exercise to the next, thereby creating the intensity necessary to achieve these goals. Highly vigorous exercises like box jumps, tuck jumps, jump rope, sprints, etc. create aerobic and metabolic changes which increase cardiovascular/respiratory endurance and stamina. This positively impacts the body’s capacity for exercise and lays the foundation for the remaining general physical skills.

Class times last approximately 25-60 minutes (depending on age)which includes warmup, instruction, wod and then a game. For more information or to enroll your child please email, or call 361-444-3316. Further information can be found at

Strength and Conditioning for August 2020

Grades 6-12 is Mon/Wed/Fri 11 am -12 pm  Kinder-5th grade will be Tues/Thurs from 2-3 pm


$65 PER CHILD   TUES/THURS               2 PM-3 pm
TEENS                                       6TH – 12TH

Kids class is based on FUN and conditioning for the average 6-11 year old for a wide range of sports activities and the next level of CrossFit.

Teens class is based on PERFORMANCE!! Teenagers will be held to a high standard and will be taught technique, functional movements, intensity, and safety.  Our goal is to condition athletes for sports and for life!!



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