Paleo Potluck! Sunday, Jan 24th


We will be having a Paleo Potluck lunch on Sunday, January 24th :)

This is a great opportunity for Paleo Challenge Participants to show off share of the great new recipes that they’ve found & also to taste a variety of Paleo Dishes that they haven’t yet tried!

We’ll also discuss some of the time saving tips that we’ve found, challenges that we’ve faced, and successes that we’ve experienced.

We hope that everyone who attends will be able to enjoy some delicious food, find some new and interesting recipes, and discover a few more ways to live the “Paleo Lifestyle” so that it doesn’t interfere with “real life”.

The potluck luncheon will be on Sunday, January 24th from 1:00pm – 2:30pm.

This luncheon is open to all CrossFit XLR8 members, regardless of whether they are participating in the Paleo Challenge.

Each person who attends is asked to bring a “Paleo Approved” Dish. This can be a breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner, or dessert dish, as long as all ingredients are Paleo. Please also print out the recipe for your dish and bring it with you. We’ll display the recipes next to each dish, and will also make copies to put together into a CrossFit XLR8 Paleo Cookbook to be distributed later in the month!

Please RSVP to Christie at by Friday, Jan 22nd so that we an idea of how many people to expect.